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Add Date:2019-07-24
In 18th century European men used lace to decorate their collars and socks. Wedding dress and evening dress are the most popular dresses used by Europeans and Americans. With the popularity of Romantic fashion and women's wear in the Krinolin and Basel periods. It was used more than in the eighteenth century. By the 20th century, the renewal of artistic style and fashion began to intensify. The demand of Europe and North America has been increasing for more than 200 years. Many countries produce hand-made lace for them, including China, of course. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Xujiahui area in Shanghai was once an important area for processing and production. This is also the last peak of decoration. Later, although it still occupies an important position in women's children's clothes, evening dresses or wedding dresses, the golden age of lace has not been encountered in the various decades of the 20th century. In the early 1980s, lace began to appear frequently in front of people. Show up with the new fashion. With the gradual popularity of transparent and perspective wear. Suddenly became a star in fashion. In women's clothing, it always plays a key role. Lace always seems to be associated with romance and dignity. Lace layers are still women's favorite. That gentle dream group is like a woman's endless dream in her life. Lace lace, originated in Europe in the 16th century, is widely used in the decoration of luxury textile clothing. At first, his production process was rather complicated. It was not like traditional hooking or embroidery. The book was woven with silk or yarn according to the pattern effect. When making it, the silk yarn needed to be put on one small shuttle after another. Each shuttle is the size of a thumb. A less complex pattern requires dozens or hundreds of such small shuttles, and a larger one requires hundreds of small shuttles. When making, put the pattern below and use different knitting, knotting and winding methods to make the pattern.
In the last century, lace has developed from traditional knitting, knotting and winding to modern mechanization. The machine chain knitting lace machine greatly enriches the types and patterns of lace. Its use has also expanded from garment decoration to home decoration and decoration and other fields, and the demand has increased rapidly, product varieties have become more abundant, which has promoted the rapid development of lace industry.
Lace-weaving machines in China started relatively late. Before the 1980s, lace-weaving machines were mainly imported from foreign countries. In the early 1990s, Guangzhou and Zhejiang absorbed the characteristics of foreign machines and independently developed the first lace-weaving machine in China, which was made through a lace factory in Shenzhen. As a pilot unit, the problem of importing lace machines in China has been put an end.
After 2000, lace production is gradually changing from mechanical chain knitting lace machine to computer lace machine. The emergence of computer lace machine has brought about a revolutionary change in lace industry. It overcomes the complex production process of chain knitting lace machine, tends to adopt advanced computer control, strengthens the automation production scale, saves time and improves efficiency.
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