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General Manager’s Speech


Dear Customers, Business Partners & Friends,

Welcome to the website of Guangzhou Yingmei Textile Co., Ltd.,which was found in 2010.  After years of continuous improvement, it has grown into a team with high professional level and high service quality.  The development of Yingmei Company benefits from the support of people from all walks of life and the joint efforts of all employees.

At the current stage, the development of the market economy is turbulent, and the development of Yingmei Company is still under continuous progress.  We will definitely grasp the development strategy of the company, adhering to the principle of seeking truth from facts, being honest and trustworthy, determined to handle every job, and maintain high quality in the lace industry for the peak of the business again in the team.

Looking forward to the future, the lace industry has broad prospects for development.

In the context of new opportunities and challenges, our company will continue to strengthen internally and achieve a two-pronged approach.  On the one hand, we emphasize product quality and service attitude, strive to improve design concepts, promote advanced technology, and provide better solutions to our customers.


On the other, qualified lace products and after-sales service, to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and customers!

With attention to management of the enterprise including employees’ ongoing development and training, informative manipulation and standardization of managing enterprise, we can enhance the integrity awareness of employees by sustainable learning and training to achieve diversified improvement and development.

We look forward to working with you in good faith

Jack Zheng

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